Town of Cavendish

                                                                                                Vermont USA



P.A.C.E. Update

At Town Meeting on March 4th Cavendish citizens overwhelmingly approved the creation of a PACE District in Cavendish. That vote enables the town to enter into an agreement with Efficiency Vermont, a statewide organization that will administer the PACE loan program. Under the program, qualifying Cavendish residents will be able to borrow funds in order to make energy improvements to their homes. Repayments can extend for up to twenty years and payments will be made quarterly along with property tax payments. Homeowners will use the cash savings that are generated by the improvements to repay the loan. The program will not cost the town a penny. There will be no increase in the town taxes – only those who borrow will pay for the service.


For the up to date general information on PACE please click on the following links: 



The Town of Cavendish has now entered into an agreement with Efficiency Vermont to administer the program on our behalf. We have submitted all of the required paperwork and are now officially a PACE participating town.

To get full details about participating in the PACE program, please click on the link below and you will go to the PACE website. The website has a wealth of information and even a video to help you to determine if PACE is right for you.